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Full Jewelry Laser Repair

& Restoration Services

At Schapell Jewelers, we pride ourselves on offering premium services to ensure your jewelry remains as stunning

as the day you first laid eyes on it.

From the smallest adjustments to intricate repairs, our in-house jeweler specializes in a diverse range of services.

Whether it's ring sizing, rhodium plating, stone setting, or tightening, stone re-cutting and polishing trust us to

restore your jewelry to its former glory using laser tips, silver, gold, or platinum solders.

Trust Schapell Jewelers to preserve the timeless beauty of your cherished pieces,

restoring brilliance with expert precision and care.

Expert Engraver
Unlock the magic of personalization with our diverse selection of enchanting engraving styles and fonts.
Elevate your jewelry with unique touches that resonate with your individual style and story.
Expert Watch Repair and Restoration

Benefit from our free estimates to diagnose your watch's needs accurately.

We specialize in manual wind, quartz, kinetic, and antique pocket watches.

Our services also include cleaning, battery replacement, and crystal replacement.

Ensure water resistance with pressurized water testing and gasket replacement.

Explore our options for band replacement and adjustment to restore comfort and style to your watch.





Gain peace of mind and assurance with our meticulous jewelry appraisal services.
Whether it's diamonds, colored gems, pearls, or watches, our skilled team provides thorough evaluations and documentation to accurately assess the value of your treasures.
Conducted by appointment twice a month, our appraiser is both A.I.G.R certified and G.I.A graduated, ensuring the highest standards of expertise and accuracy.

Types of Appraisals 


Jewelry Appraisals for Insurance

Tailored to reflect the realistic cost of replacing your item, these appraisals are essential for insurance purposes. Our assessments accurately determine the retail replacement value to safeguard your investments.

Fair Market Value Appraisals 

Reflecting the actual selling price in the item's current condition, fair market value appraisals are crucial for scenarios such as charitable donations and estate evaluations. Our assessments provide a realistic perspective on your item's worth.

Immediate liquidation Value Appraisals 

For situations necessitating swift action, such as divorce settlements or estate liquidations, our appraisals offer insights into the immediate liquidation value. We ensure transparency and accuracy even in challenging circumstances.

Trust Schapell Jewelers for precise and reliable appraisals that safeguard your assets and provide peace of mind.

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